NOW AVAILABLE: Student-written scribe notes for the entire course.

Meetings: Tuesday, Thursday 3:00-4:20pm.

Informal Registration: Please fill out the form at to register your participation in the course.

Instructor: Sam Buss
   Office: APM 7456
   Office hours: Monday 11:30-12:30 and Thursday 1:00-2:00. (or email for an appointment)
Office hours to be rescheduled on Monday, Nov. 4 to Tuesday, Nov. 5, 12:00-1:00.

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Course announcement.

Instructor: Sam Buss

Topics: This is an introductory course in mathematical logic at the graduate level. Topics to be covered during the Fall quarter to include first order logic, soundness, completeness, cut-elimination, Herbrand's theorem, decidability, undecidability, Robinson resolution, Lowerheim-Skolem, Craig interpolation, quantifier elimination, elementary embeddings, model completeness, preservation theorems.

There are no particular prerequisites beyond sufficient mathematical maturity. Suitable for graduate students in mathematics, computer science, philosophy. Please email me if you are interested in attending and cannot make the first lecture. (Thurs, Sep 26).

There is no textbook. Supplemental reading includes:

For Proof Theory:
   - Handbook of Proof Theory, chapters 1 and 2 by the instructor. (Available freely online.)
   - Proof Theory, by Gaisi Takeuti. (Low-priced Dover edition available.)
For Model Theory:
   - A Shorter Model Theory by Wilfrid Hodges. (Dover edition available)
   - Model Theory by C.C. Chang and H.J. Keisler is a bit more advanced. (Dover edition available)
Also suggested:
   - Chapter 2 of "The Foundations of Mathematics", Ken Kunen. 2009 edition.

Course work: To be discussed in the first lecture. Please be in touch with me if you cannot make the first lecture but plan to participate.