Course overview. This course is a continuation of Math 160A. The second quarter (Math 160B) will discussion discuss applications of compactness and completeness, develop both Peano arithmetic and the formal theory of computation, including Turing machines, recursive functions, the undecidability the halting problem, and Gödel's Incompleteness Theorem.

Instructor: Sam Buss (     TA: Nathan Wenger (

The course is initially remote only, for at least the first two weeks. Gradescope contains links to the class web page, or a direct URL is It is expected that real-time participation will be required. This will be done in a way to accomodates everyone, whether attending class remotely or in-person. Watch for annoucements on this evolving requirement for real-time participation.

Online textbook and other resources: Although the core of the course is in-person lectures, there are a lot of online resources:

Office hours. See the Canvas course calendar for information on office hours. Regular schedule to be set during week 2 of the course.

Exams. There will be two midterms and one final; all held in-person if UCSD has returned to in-person instruction. Please discuss it with the instructor ahead of time if in-person is not feasible. Grading is subject to change without notice, but will be approximately 5% each for quizzes, homework assignments and real-time participation; 25% for each midterm, and 35% for the final exam.
Archival copies of exams: Midterm #1 and Midterm #2 and the Final Exam.

Class schedule (Exported from Canvas)