Course overview. This course is an introduction to mathematical logic, focusing first on propositional logic and then on first-order logic. We will also informally study computability. The main goal of the course is to develop the foundations of logic up through Gödel's Completeness Theorem. The second quarter (Math 160B) will develop both Peano arithmetic and the formal theory of computation, including Turing machines, the undecidability the halting problem, and Gödel's Incompleteness Theorem.

Instructor: Sam Buss (     TA: Ryan Mike (

Online textbook and other resources: Although the core of the course is in-person lectures, there are a lot of online resources:

Office hours. See piazza or the course calendar for information on office hours. Regular schedule to be set during week 1 of the course.

Textbook: There are two textbooks

The course will follow the material in the online textbook fairly closely, but the textbook by Hodel is more comprehensive.

Quizzes: There will be in-class quizzes as well as online quizes. Online quizes will be timed and handed in on Gradescope. There is a separate web page for quizzes.

Homework assignments: There will be weekly homework assignments. These are to be handed in on gradescope. There is a separate web page for homework assignments.

Exams. There will be two midterms and one final; all held in-person. Please discuss it with the instructor ahead of time if in-person is not feasible. Grading is subject to change without notice, but will approximately 15% for quizzes and homework assignments; 25% for each midterm, and 35% for the final exam. See the course calendar below for the dates for the midterms.
Archival copies of exams: Midterm #1 and Midterm #2 and the Final Exam.

Course prerequisites. There is no particular mathematical knowledge that is a prerequisite beyond a certain "mathematical maturity", most especially some experience with mathematical proofs. Please talk with the professor and submit an EASY request if you do not have the official prerequisites.

Class schedule as a google calendar: (COMING SOON) HTML link.