Course topics. This course is an introduction to mathematical logic. It will cover propositional logic and first-order logic up through Gödel's completeness theorem.

Instructor: Professor Sam Buss
   Office: APM 6210
   Phone: 848-534-6455 (mainly for voice messages)
   Office hours: as of Monday, January 11,
      In APM 6210: *Monday 10:00-10:50; *Wednesday 11:00-11:50; Friday 12:00-12:50.
      In APM B325: **Wednesday 5:00-5:50; **Friday 5:00-5:50.
   Office hours during finals week (in APM 6210):
      *Monday 10-10:50 and 1:00-1:50. **Wednesday 2:00-2:50; **Thursday 1:00-1:50. **Friday 12:00-12:50
   * = Priority to Math 160A; ** = Priority to Math 155A.
   Review session, APM 5402, Sunday 3:00pm.

Teaching Assistants:
   Artem Mavrin, section meeting Monday 7:00pm, APM B402A. First section meeting is January 11.
      Office: APM 2313
      Office hours: Wednesday 12-1 and Thursday 11-12.

Homework Assignments
   Homework #1, due Friday, January 15.
         Page 19, problem 2.
         Pages 27-29, problems 1, 2, 5, 10(a), 10(b), 10(c), 15.
   Homework #2, due Tuesday, January 26, at noon.
         Pages 27-29, problems 9, 11.
         Pages 52-53, problems 2, 3, 5, 6, 9.
   Homework #3, due Monday, February 8, in class.
         PDF problem set.
   Homework #4, due Wednesday, February 17, in class.
         PDF problem set.
   Homework #5, due Monday, February 22, in class.
         PDF problem set.
   Homework #6, due Wednesday, February 24, in GradeScope, or in class.
         PDF problem set.
         To hand in on gradescope, please hand in as three separate (single-page) assignments (6A, 6B, 6C).
         I will endeavor to grade them quickly as they are handed in.
   Homeworks #7&8, due Monday, March 7 and Friday, March 11.
         PDF problem set.

Midterm and final exam schedule:
   Midterm #1: Friday, January 29.
   Midterm #2: Friday, February 26.
   Final: In final exam week, Monday 3:00-6:00 (March 14).

Study materials:
   Old (2002) midterm.
   Sample questions for midterm #2 study.
   Old final exam (2002).

   Pop quiz #1 with answers.
   Quiz #1 with answers.
   Quiz #2 with answers.
   Quiz #3 with answers.
   Quiz #4 with answers.
   Quiz #5 with answers.
   Quiz #6 with answers.
   Quiz #7 with answers.
   Quiz #8 with answers.
   Quiz #9 with answers. (available after the quiz)

Course textbook: H. Enderton, A Mathematical Introduction to Logic, 2nd Edition. The course will cover chapters 1 and 2 of the textbook.

Piazza bulletin board: Please join the piazza bulletin board (email me if you do not get an invitation). This can be used for discussion about course topics, including homework problems. It will also be used for email announcements.

Grading: Final exam - 40%. Two midterm exams - 20% each. Homework and in class quizes - 20% together.
   In class quizes will be preannounced, and you may drop the lowest quiz score.
   There will be one or more "pop quizes" that do not count towards the course grade.
   You have the option of dropping one midterm and having the final exam count for 60% of your grade.

Prerequisites. One of Math 100A, 103A, or 140A. The course does not depend on any particular prior knowledge from these courses, but does require a certain leval of mathematical sophistication.