Quizzes will be administered in the last 15 minutes of class, and can alternately be taken online. Quiz topics — and quiz answers — will be announced on the day-by-day syllabus To take the quiz online use the following instructions.

General instructions

Before the first quiz, download the "Quiz Example" assigment from gradescope to see how it is laid out. If you write some "answers" on it and upload it to gradescope, you can get feedback on how good the picture quality is.

  1. Download the quiz from gradescope. Do not start looking at, or thinking about the quiz, until you are ready to actually start.
  2. If convenient, print a copy. If not convenient, use a blank, white sheet of paper (a single page) for your answers. In that case, write your answers in the same approximate location on the blank sheet as they would appear on the downloaded quiz. (This is to facilitate grading.)
  3. Write the time you start the quiz in the indicated spot.
  4. When you finish, add the time you stop. If the total time is over 18 minutes, please explain.
  5. Add your name and signature to indicate you abided by the academic integrity instructions.
  6. Make a good quality picture or scan of your quiz. You may need to experiment to learn how to take good quality pictures! (Points may be deducted for poor quality uploads, as it can significantly impact grading.)
  7. Upload it to gradescope.

A quiz can be downloaded (on a Tuesday or Thursday) starting at 4:30pm. It must be uploaded before 9:00pm the same day. (Upload time may be adjusted.)