Math 288 C00
Winter 2010

Time and place:  Thursdays 2:00-2:50pm, AP&M 5402 (except for the week of Feb.9 when it’ll be on Tuesday 11-11:50am, same room)

                               ********** Announcements ************


·       This biostatistics seminar continues next quarter, please sign up if you are interested.

·        See references 7-9 for week 9 talk by Dr.Deutsch.


                               ********** Schedule ************


·       Week 1: organizational, Introduction to Biostatistics (Xu).

·       Week 2: clinical trials (sequential, phase III) (Haut)

·       Week 3: observational studies (propensity score, instrumental variables) (Garner)

·       Week 4: high-dimensional data (chapter 3 in book below) (Chan)

·       Week 5: longitudinal data (Faig)

·       Week 6 (Tues 2/9 11am): Dr. Natarajan (UCSD SOM)

·       Week 7: Dr. Donohue (UCSD SOM)

·       Week 8: on missing data (Dr.Ard, SOM)

·       Week 9: Dr. Deutsch (UCSD SOM)

·       Week 10: Dr. Shen (Amylin Pharmaceutical)






1.    Cnaan, A., Laird, N.M. and Slasor, P. (1997) Using the general linear mixed model to analyse unbalanced repeated measures and longitudinal data. Statistics in Medicine, 16, 2349-2380.

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