Murray and Adylin Rosenblatt Endowed Lecture Series in Applied Mathematics, 2024
Monday, April 1, 2024, 4-7 p.m.
Natural Sciences Building Auditorium, UC San Diego

Professor Padmini Rangamani
Professor and Jacobs Faculty Scholar
Dept of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, UC San Diego.

Monday, April 1, 2024, 4-5 p.m.

The mathematics of cellular mechanotransduction

ABSTRACT: Cellular function often integrates biochemical and mechanical cues in what is known as mechanotransduction. Mechanotransduction is closely tied to cell shape during development, disease, and wound healing. In this talk, I will showcase how mathematical models have helped shed light on some fundamental problems in this area of research including how cell shape can alter biochemical signaling and how cell mechanics can alter cell shape. Throughout, I will highlight the challenges and opportunities for integrating mathematical models with experimental measurements.

Image: from Systems biology of cellular membranes: a convergence with biophysics

Professor Lisa Fauci
Pendergraft Nola Lee Haynes Professor
School of Science and Engineering, Tulane University.

Monday, April 1, 5.10-6.10 p.m.

Insights from biofluidmechanics: A tale of tails

ABSTRACT: The motion of undulating or rotating elastic 'tails' in a fluid environment is a common element in many biological and engineered systems. At the microscale, we will consider models of the journey of extremely long and flexible insect flagella through narrow and tortuous female reproductive tracts, and the penetration of mucosal tissue by helical flagella of bacteria. At the macroscale, we will probe the neuromechanics and fluid dynamics of the lamprey, the most primitive vertebrate and, hence, a model organism. Using a closed-loop model that couples neural signaling, muscle mechanics, fluid dynamics and sensory feedback, we examine the hypothesis that amplified proprioceptive feedback could restore effective locomotion in lampreys with spinal injuries.

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In 2016, the Mathematics Department at UC San Diego launched the Murray and Adylin Rosenblatt Endowed Lecture Series in Applied Mathematics. The aim of the series is to highlight mathematics and statistics in areas of application. The series features high profile scholars in a range of fields. Each year the series will feature 2-3 speakers delivering lectures in their areas of research, accessible to a fairly broad audience including faculty and graduate students from mathematics and statistics, science, engineering, and economics. For information about preceding lectures, see the links below.
  • Inaugural lectures, 2016: Robert Engle and Catherine Constable.
  • 2017-2018 Lectures: Tamar Schlick and David Donoho.
  • 2019 Lectures: Ingrid Daubechies and Simon Tavare.
  • 2020 Lectures: Andrea Bertozzi and Bonnie Berger.
    The series is named to honor the memory of Professor Murray Rosenblatt and his wife Adylin Rosenblatt.
    The lectures are sponsored by the UC San Diego Mathematics Department and the Office of the Dean of Physical Sciences at UC San Diego.

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