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  Faculty bio
On the way to calculus class (2002)

List of publications
Book:    GAUSS  AND  JACOBI  SUMS          

Faculty Club book promotion tour for
"Gauss and Jacobi Sums" (2002)

(enlarge twice to see red cover)

 Math 100C (Spring 2015)  
Archive: 2000 Western Number Theory Conference    
Department Office 7414 APM (February 2013)
Grad Vice Chair, 2011-2013

With groupies sporting Ron Evans T-shirts (July 2011)
Saul Molina, Diane Richards, James Ferris, Maureen Gorman, Ron Evans (in Steely Dan shirt), Kimberly Eaton

Ron and spouse Sue celebrating the discovery of a new large prime (2004)
Note: 2004 is the date, not the prime

Ron and pianist dad practicing for Carnegie Hall (2002)

Fine Arts Quartet   [Evans, Boico, Sharon, Schmidt]
Videos:  Beethoven  Haydn  Tchaikovsky

by Vivian Li
The Fine Arts Quartet (2008) after a tepid reception at Petco Park
Violinists Ralph Evans, Efim Boico; former FAQ violist Chauncey Patterson; late cellist Wolfgang Laufer

Ralph Evans in Moscow, 1982

Ron entertaining granddaughter Margot during the pandemic

Niece Cecily Evans on Chalcolithic(#6) in an exciting finish

Middle East Politics and Academia

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