Functional Analysis Seminar 2023 - 2024

University of California San Diego

Day: Weekly on Tuesdays during the Fall, Winter and Spring quarters
Time: 11:00 am Pacific Time
Location: The seminar is hosted in a hybrid format. Physical location: AP&M 7218 and zoom meeting ID: 94246284235
Organizer: Priyanga Ganesan

Date Speaker, Affiliation, Talk title
Apr 16, 2024 Ian Charlesworth, Cardiff University and David Jekel, Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences
Algebraic soficity and graph products
Apr 9, 2024 Tattwamasi Amrutam, Ben Gurion University of the Negev
On amenable subalgebras of the group von Neumann algebra
Apr 2, 2024 Brian Hall, University of Notre Dame
Heat flow on polynomials with connections to random matrices and random polynomials
Mar 5, 2024 Mehrdad Kalantar, University of Houston
Operator space complexification revisited
Feb 27, 2024 Brent Nelson, Michigan State University
Von Neumann dimension for faithful normal strictly semifinite weights
Feb 20, 2024 Bill Helton, University of California San Diego
Perfect quantum strategies for XOR games
Feb 13, 2024 Adriana Fernandez I Quero, The University of Iowa
Rigidity results for group von Neumann algebras with diffuse center
Feb 8, 2024 Dietmar Bisch, Vanderbilt University
New hyperfinite subfactors with small Jones index
Jan 30, 2024 Sutanu Roy, National Institute of Science Education and Research
Anyonic quantum permutation groups
Jan 23, 2024 Junhwi Lim, Vanderbilt University
An index for quantum cellular automata on fusion spin chains
Jan 16, 2024 Jorge Garza-Vargas, California Institute of Technology
Finite free amalgamated convolutions: Towards a unified theory for proving root bounds
Jan 9, 2024 Junichiro Matsuda, Kyoto University
Algebraic connectedness and bipartiteness of quantum graphs
Dec 5, 2023 Changying Ding, University of California Los Angeles
Biexact von Neumann algebras
Nov 28, 2023 Gregory Patchell , University of California San Diego
Sequential commutation for von Neumann algebras
Nov 21, 2023 Mario Kieburg, University of Melbourne
Random matrices in quantum information
Nov 14, 2023 Alon Dogon, Weizmann Institute of Science
Character theory and Hilbert-Schmidt stability of uncountably many groups
Nov 7, 2023 Andreas Klingler, University of Innsbruck
Border Ranks of Positive Tensor Decompositions
Oct 31, 2023 Jennifer Pi, University of California Irvine
An Absence of Quantifier Reduction for II_1 Factors, using Quantum Expanders
Oct 24, 2023 Forrest Glebe, Purdue University
Frobenius Non-Stability of Nilpotent Groups
Oct 17, 2023 David Penneys, Ohio State University
An operator algebraic axiomatization of local topological order
Oct 10, 2023 Thomas Sinclair, Purdue University
On the model theory of operator systems