UCSD Optimization and Data Science Seminar (Math 278C)

Wednesday 3-4pm, zoom (unless specified)

The Zoom Meeting link is
Meeting ID: 941 9922 3268
Password: 278CF22

This seminar gives talks in the broad area of Optimization and Data Science and various aspects, applications.

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Fall Quarter, 2022

Date Speaker Talk Title
September 28 Xin Tong
(National University of Singapore)
Sampling with constraints using variational methods
October 5 Xin Jiang
Primal-dual optimization methods with Bregman divergence
October 12 Papri Dey
(Georgia Tech)
Computing Permanents via Hyperbolic Programming
October 19 Maryam Yashtini
(Georgetown Univ.)
Counting Objects by Diffused Index: geometry-free and training-free approach
October 26 Zequn Zheng
A linear algebra-based method for generic third-order tensor decomposition
November 2 Tamas Terlaky
(Lehigh Univ.)
Inexact Feasible Interior Point Methods (IPMs) for Linear and Semidefinite Optimization (LO) with Iterative Refinement (IR) for classic and quantum computing
November 9 Yuhua Zhu
Reinforcement learning in the optimization formulation
November 23 Jinglai Shen
Dynamic Stochastic Variational Inequality and Its Computation

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