UCSD Optimization and Data Science Seminar (Math 278C)

Wednesday 3-4pm, zoom (unless specified)

Meeting ID: 991 9807 8858 Password: 278CFA21

This seminar gives talks in the broad area of Optimization and Data Science and various aspects, applications.

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Fall Quarter, 2021

Date Speaker Talk Title
September 29 Beginning meeting

October 6 Julia Lindberg
The Method of Moments for Gaussian Mixture Models
October 13 Yumeng Zhu
Convex relaxation methods for phase retrieval problems
October 20 Zi Yang
The Multi-Objective Optimization
October 27 Yang Zheng
Chordal Graphs, Semidefinite Optimization, and Sum-of-squares Matrices
November 3 Kisun Lee
Polyhedral homotopy method for Nash equilibrium problem
November 10 Shangzhi Zeng
(Univ. Victoria)
Difference of convex algorithms for bilevel programs with applications in hyperparameter selection
November 17 Sylvia Herbert
Hamilton-Jacobi Reachability Analysis
December 1 Xindong Tang
(HK Poly Univ.)
Rational GNEPs

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