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Who Takes the Math Placement Exam

You must take the MPE before registering for a mathematics class at UCSD unless:

  • You have taken the Advanced Placement Calculus Exam and received, or expect to receive, a score of 2 or better; OR
  • You have completed at least one quarter of college credit calculus with credit awarded by a college or university; OR
  • You have received a score of 650 or better on the SATII Level 2C Mathematics Exam; OR
  • You have received a score of 5 or better on the International Baccalaureate Higher Mathematics Exam; OR
  • You have taken only the U.C.-required 3 years of high school mathematics beginning with Beginning Algebra and do not intend to take any UCSD mathematics class other than Math 3C.

If you took a calculus course in high school but did not take the AP Calculus Exam and did not receive college credit for the course you must take the MPE before registering for a UCSD math class. A precalculus course taken at either the high school or community college does not exempt you from the MPE.

If you are not sure whether you must take a mathematics course or you want information about your mathematics preparation relative to past UCSD students you may take the MPE and receive the diagnostic information. The placement results do not appear on your permanent record or transcript of courses for UCSD.

Placement results are entered into the student registration system to allow you to register for a math class using WebReg. To add or drop Math 3C, 4C, 10A or 20A after the start of classes each quarter you must come to the Math Placement office - 3231 Literature Building. Test results are valid for one calendar year from the test date.

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