Ming Zhang (張 銘)


SEW Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics
University of California, San Diego

Contact Information:
Ming Zhang
Department of Mathematics
9500 Gilman Drive
La Jolla, CA 92093

Email: miz017@ucsd.edu

Office: APM 6341

About me

I am a postdoc in the math department at UCSD, which I joined in July 2021. My mentor is Dragos Oprea.

Before that, I was a postdoc in the math department at UBC. I obtained my Ph.D. degree from Department of Mathematics at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. My advisor was Prof. Yongbin Ruan. I completed a B.S. in mathematics at Tsinghua University.

Here is my Curriculum Vitæ.


I am currently attending the weekly enumerative geometry seminar at UCSD.


My research interests are quantum K-theory, gauged linear sigma model, mirror symmetry, and wall-crossing.


  1. "Verlinde/Grassmannian Correspondence in K-theory,". In preparation.
  2. "On Phases of 3d N = 2 Chern-Simons-Matter Theories," joint with Wei Gu and Du Pei. arXiv:2105.02247.
  3. "K-theoretic quasimap wall-crossing," joint with Yang Zhou. arXiv:2012.01401.
  4. "Verlinde/Grassmannian Correspondence and Rank 2 δ-wall-crossing," joint with Yongbin Ruan. arXiv:1811.01377.
  5. "The Level Structure in Quantum K-theory and Mock Theta Functions," joint with Yongbin Ruan. arXiv:1804.06552. Submitted.