Math 120B Elements of Complex Analysis

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Lecture Time:   4:00-4:50pm on MWF.
Lecture Location:   Our lecture will be in person at 2205 WLH. After each lecture, the lecture video will be posted on Canvas.

Instructor:  Ming Xiao
Office Hours:   Effective from April 1st, 5:10-6:40pm on Wednesdays and Fridays in office (7426 AP&M) or by appointment.

Textbook:   Complex Variables and Applications, ninth edition, by Brown and Churchill; published by McGraw-Hill, 2014.

Subject Material:   We aim to cover chapter 5-9. If time permits, we will also cover some part of chapter 10. Some students took Math 120A in Fall 2021, while others took it in Winter 2022. The two Math 120A courses covered different ranges of topics in the textbook. To ensure every student can follow, we will start from Section 58 in Math 120B.

Gradescope:   Exams and homework will need to be submitted via Gradescope ( and will be graded within it. A digital version of your exams and homework will be made available after the grading has been completed. If you are not familiar with Gradescope, you can find some guidelines for submission through Gradescope here.

Homework:   Homework assignments will be posted on this course website (click on the "Homework" icon above) almost every Friday. Normally you have about a week to do the homework. You will need to sumbit it via Gradescope by the due time. Your lowest homework grade will be dropped.

Online Score:   You will be able to check your scores for the graded homework and the tests on the Gradescope.

Regrade: Regrade requests will be made using the built-in regrade request feature in Gradescope. There will be a limited window of time after the exams are made available during which the regrade request feature will be active. This time window will be announced when the exam scores are released. Only the regrade requests sent within the time window will be considered.

  • Overview: There will be two midterm exams and one final exam. No makeup exams will be given in this course. Academic Accommodations: Students requiring accommodations please provide an OSD letter of certification and OSD accommodation recommendation to the instructor as soon as possible.

  • Midterm I: It will be given in class on April 22nd. The detailed exam instruction is TBA.

  • Midterm II: It will be given in class on May 20th. The detailed exam instruction is TBA.

  • Final exam: It will be given on June 09th. The detailed exam instruction is TBA.

    Grading Policy:   The grades will be determined as the best of:

  • 20% Homework, 20% Midterm Exam I, 20% Midterm Exam II, 40% Final Exam;
  • 25% Homework, 25% Best Midterm Exam, 50% Final Exam.

    Academic Integrity:
    Academic dishonesty is considered a serious offense at UCSD. Students caught cheating will face an administrative sanction which may include suspension or expulsion from the university. It is in your best interest to take pride in your work maintain your academic integrity.

    Teaching Assistant and office hours:   Shubham Sinha (
    Discussion Session: 2:00pm-2:50pm, Tuesday, for Section A01; 3:00pm-3:50pm, Tuesday, for Section A02.
    Sinha's Office Hours: Tuesdays 4pm-6pm in office AP&M 2220;   Thursdays, 3-4pm via Zoom (link can be found in Zoom LTI PRO on Canvas).

  • You will get automatically enrolled to Piazza (can be found as a built-in feature on Canvas). On Piazza, you can ask questions to us or to your classmates. If you ask us questions on Piazza (You can write, for example, "Dear instructors/Hi instructors" at the begining of question to indicate you are asking us questions), we will try to answer it within 24 hours (expect on weekend). You are strongly encouraged to make use of Piazza.