Jiaxi Nie 聂家熹

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  • MPI for Mathematics in the Sciences, A305
    Inselstr. 22, Leipzig, 04103, Germany

  • Email: jin019 "at" ucsd "dot" edu

I am currently visiting the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences, working under the group "Spectral Hypergraph Theory" led by Raffaella Mulas. Starting fall 2022, I will be a postdoc at the Shanghai Center for Mathematical Sciences under the supervision of Hehui Wu. I received my PhD from the University of California San Diego, where I am very fortunate to be advised by Jacques Verstraëte. Here is my CV.

My research interests lie primarily in extremal combinatorics, but I keep my brain open for any interesting math problems. My Erdős number is 3.





As instructor:

  1. MATH 20C - Calculus & Analytic Geometry For Science & Engineering, Summer I 2021.

As teaching assistant:

  1. MATH 154 - Discrete Math & Graph Theory, Winter 2022, Winter 2021, Fall 2020, Spring 2020, Winter 2020.
  2. MATH 20E - Vector Calculus, Summer II 2020.
  3. MATH 170A - Introduction to Numerical Analysis: Linear Algebra, Fall 2019, Fall 2018.
  4. MATH 220C - Complex Analysis, Spring 2019.
  5. MATH 18 - Linear Algebra, Spring 2019.
  6. MATH 170B - Introduction to Numerical Analysis: Approximation and Nonlinear Equations, Winter 2019.
  7. MATH 142A - Introduction to Analysis I, Summer I 2018.
  8. MATH 184A - Combinatorics, Spring 2018, Winter 2018, Fall 2017.
  9. MATH 20B - Calculus For Science & Engineering, Winter 2017.
  10. MATH 20A - Calculus For Science & Engineering, Fall 2016.

  11. Here are some evaluations for my teaching: MATH 184A Fall 17, MATH 184A Winter 18, MATH 170A Fall 19, MATH 154 Fall 20, MATH 154 Winter 20, MATH 20C Summer I 21. More can be made available upon email request.


  • Outside of math, I love playing and watching basketball.
  • I also love cats, especially my cat Chestnut.
  • An approximate way to pronounce my name: Ja(r)-shee(r) Ne(ver)