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Math 109 Spring 2022
Problems to Think About (PtTA)

Updated 5/19/22

"Problems to Think About (PtTA)" are just problems chosen from the textbook (or perhaps other sources) as a basis for class discussion. PtTA are chosen to be relevant to the section from your textbook scheduled for the corresponding class period: they are assigned the class period prior to that day. You are expected to work on the PtTA as part of the assigned reading for that class period. While it is not expected that you complete every PtTA, you should have "thought about" them enough to be able to actively participate in the class discussion based on them. Please do so: what you get out of this class will be proportional to what you put into it.

"The dictionary is the only place where success comes before work."   (Vince Lombardi)

Due Problems
March 30 I.8 (pg 54)
April 1 I.7, I.11 (pg 54-55)
April 4 I.17, I.19 (pg 55-56)
April 6 II.1, II.7 (pg 115-116)
April 8 II.11: (i)-(v) (pg 117)
April 11 II.14 (pg 117)
Note: "fg" means "f ∘ g"
April 13 II.16, II.17 (pg 118)
April 15 II.18, II.20(i) (pg 118)
April 22 IV.2, IV.3 (pg 225)
April 25 IV.6 (pg 225)
April 27 IV.10 (pg 225), 17.6 (pg 215)
April 29 V.2, V.3 (pg 271)
May 2 V.9 (pg 272)
May 4 V.10(iv), V.11 (pg 272)
May 6 V.13 (pg 272)
May 13 V.17 (pg 273)
May 16 S.9 (Supplement)
May 18 III.1 (pg 182)
May 20 III.5, III.12 (pg 183 - 184)
May 23 S.13 (Supplement)
May 25 III.17 (pg 185)
May 27 S.14 (Supplement)

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