Participant Institution Title of Abstract
Ando, Matthew Univ of Illinois at Urbana A Renormalized Riemann-Roch Formula & Thom Isomorphism for the Free Loop Space
Bisch, Dietmar UC Santa Barbara Subfactors and Symmetry
Cattaneo, Alberto Zurich University, Switzerland Deformation Quantization and Poisson Sigma Model
Chas, Moira CUNY Graduate Center The String Lie Bialgebra of a Manifold
Cochran, Tim Rice Univ Knot Concordance, Whitney Towers and L2-Signatures
Cohen, Ralph Stanford Univ A Linearization of the Stable Moduli Space
Conant, Jim UC San Diego Gropes
Driver, Bruce UC San Diego Path Integrals on Manifolds
Edwards, Robert UCLA The World of Compact Non-Lie Group Actions
Freed, Dan Univ of Texas Three-dimensional TQFT and twisted K-theory
Freedman, Mike UCSD, Microsoft Quantum Computation and Modular Functors
Frohman, Charlie Univ of Iowa Understanding the Kauffman Bracket Skein Module
Garoufalidis, Stavros Georgia Tech Univ Boundary Links, Localization and the Kontsevich Integral
Kimura, Takashi Boston Univ The Topology of the Moduli Spaces of Curves and Cohomological Field Theories
Krushkal, Slava Yale Univ On Topological Classification of 4-Manifolds
Landweber, Greg Microsoft Dirac Operators on Homogeneous Loop Spaces
Longoni, Riccardo Universita' degli Studi di Milano Topological Quantum Field Theories and Cohomology of Knot Spaces in any Dimension
Morava, Jack Johns Hopkins Univ Superspace Revisited or, Who Ordered the Metric?
Orr, Kent Indiana Univ, Bloomington Knot Concordance, Whitney Towers and L2-Signatures
Ranicki, Andrew Univ of Edinburgh, Scotland Circle Valued Morse Theory
Roberts, Justin UCSD Rozansky-Witten Weight Systems
Rozansky, Lev Yale Univ Beyond the Alexander Polynomial
Segal, Graeme Oxford Topological Field Theories and Boundary Conditions
Sinha, Dev Brown Univ The Topology of Spaces of Embeddings of the Circle
Stasheff, Jim Univ of No Carolina, Chapel Hill Operads in Homotopical Physics
Sullivan, Dennis CUNY and Stony Brook String Topology
Thurston, Dylan UC Berkeley Wheels and Wheeling
Tillmann, Ulrike Oxford, UK Moduli Space of Riemann Surfaces and Conformal Field Theory
Wang, Zhenghan Indiana Univ Quantum Computation
Weinberger, Shmuel Univ of Chicago Computational Complexity, Entropy, and Moduli Spaces

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