Math 20A

Winter 2022, Lecture B00

Instructor: Gwen McKinley (
Course email address:

Office hours:

Lectures: 4pm on MWF, in Center Hall 101
Discussion sections: Thursdays

Note: Lectures are now in person, but discussion sections and some office hours are remaining remote for the present. If there are any modality/location changes, they will be announced to the class and posted here. All Zoom links (including links for office hours) were emailed out and posted on Piazza at the beginning of the quarter.

Course information

For information on grading, textbook, acommodations, and more: see the Course Syllabus.

Due dates: here is a master calendar of all homework due dates and exam dates, as well as a tentative lecture schedule.

Exams: There will be two in-person midterm exams held in class on the following dates:

The final exam will be held in person on Friday, Mar 18, from 3-6pm, location TBA.


Notes and videos: In addition to the textbook, I can recommend Paul's Online Notes (a free online Calculus textbook — it is my go-to Calculus reference) and Khan Academy (excellent videos explaining most of the concepts in this course, as well as a library of practice problems and other resources).

Supplemental Instruction (SI): structured study sessions facilitated by a trained student leader. The SI session times for our class are Mondays 6-6:50pm, Wednesdays 12-12:50pm, Thursdays 1-1:50pm, Fridays 1-1:50pm, and SI sessions start on Wed, Jan 5. More details, including Zoom links, are avaialable on the SI Canvas page.

Content tutoring: FREE drop-in and appointment based tutoring available at a wide variety of times, both virtual and in-person (at the Geisel Library). See here for more information, including a schedule and instructions on scheduling appointments.

OASIS tutoring workshops: structured group study sessions led by a tutor/facilitator. Workshops for Math 20A are offered virtually Tuesdays and Thursdays 4-4:50pm this quarter, starting in Week 2. OASIS also offers individual tutoring. See here for more information, and to register for a workshop or tutoring.

Engineering Learning Communities: structured study groups for engineering students, led by peer educators. Sessions for Math 20A are offered virtually Tuesdays 3-4:40pm this quarter. See here for more information, and to apply to join.

Learning strategies: one-on-one appointments and group workshops on topics such as exam preparation, note-taking, and time management. See here for more details.

Private tutoring: the math department maintains a list of (paid) private tutors; see here for more information.