Policy for writing recommendation letters for undergraduate students

If you wish to ask me to write a recommendation letter for you, it is essential that you follow the following guideline. Writing letters is taking a lot of my time. Please help me writing a better letter for you by sending (via US mail or place in my mailbox) a packet including the following items at least one month before the deadline. The letter that I write will base on facts that I know about you. If you have made no impression in my class, it is unlikely that you will get a good letter.

  • Items that can remind me of who you are and what you did in my class including the following:
    • The url of you homepage or your 152 website.
    • Your grade record of at least two years and in particular your grade in my class
    • Your vita
    • Tell me as much as you can about your academic plan and what you plan to do. Anything that can refresh my memory about you. Anything that you think might be useful for including in the letter.
  • Descriptions of the purpose of the letter.
  • Descriptions of the recipient(s) of the letter.
  • You can either
    • use Professional & Graduate School File Service, Career Services Center, 0331, UCSD.
    • Or, send me the forms (if any) and stamped envelops with address. The letter will usually be sent directly to their destinations. Letters will be given to students only under rare circumstances.
  • Clearly state the deadline for sending this letter. The request should be made at least one month before the deadline.

You are allowed to send me at most two email about such a request-- one at the beginning and one gentle reminder a week to the deadline. DO NOT send additional email or telephone. NO GIFT!!