Advices for dealing with a math bully

Most mathematicians are nice and wonderful people who enjoy making friends and sharing mathematics. However, just as in any community, there exist bullies. A math bully is far worse since the playing field is not level. Among the bullies, some are loud-mouthing and some are showing off. Just came back from a European meeting and ran into a senior malicious bully of the worst order. This is for dealing with a horrible type of human being who happens to be a mathematician. To minimize the negative impact, be prepared and build up your defenses. Don't be intimidated!

For convenience, we will use the notation "BP" to denote a sample of a math-scrooge. First we will analyze BP and then give some suggestions as to how to deal with BP.

Here are some possible reasons that BP behaves so badly: Here are some suggestions for dealing with BP:
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