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My Top 5 Algorithm Animation Sites


The Complete Collection of Algorithm Animations

by Peter Brummund through the Hope College Summer Research Program

This site has the most complete list of algorithm animations organized by algorithms. It doesn't have animation of it's own but has links to other site that contain animations. This site is my favorite since I can find almost any algorithm animation out there and it has a short description of every algorithm in the list. Easy to navigate around too.
This site does not have many animations or have links to other animation site but it does have one of the coolest sorting algorithm animation program out on the net. This animation programs show 4 algorithm animation and puts them in race to see which one finishes first. It put Simple, Insertion, Merge and Quick sort to the test. It also has an "swap" count to see how many swaps it take for each sort to finish.
This page contains one of the best looking algorithm animation for Clostest-Pari algorithm. It animates the steps taken during the algorithm execution.

Travelling Salesman Problem

by Alexander Budnik, Tanya Filipova

This site explains the Elastic Net Method for TSP and has an small animation at the bottom that show the number of interations and length travelled. I like this page since it's different from most of the pages that try to explain TSP. The description of the method is also is easy to understand.

The JAWAA Homepage

by W. Pierson and S. H. Rodger

This page is actually not a page dedicated to algorithm animations but a homepage for a java program that helps you build algorithm animations. But this page as many example of there program at work and has a wide range of animations; everything from depth first search to trees to word ladders. The animations are not the prettiest but they get the job done.