Implementations of graph algorithms
by Fan's students

Local/global decompositions of power law graphs
    Some examples from a talk by Reid Andersen
    Based on the papers, "Drawing power law graphs using a local/global decomposition" and
    "Analyzing the small world phenomenon using a hybrid model with local network flow"
    by Reid Andersen, Fan Chung and Lincoln Lu.

Declustering algorithms for finding local cuts | separators
    by Reid Andersen
    The talk by Reid Andersen at FOCS 2006.
   Based on the paper, "Local graph partitioning using pagerank vectors"
    by Reid Andersen, Fan Chung and Kevin Lang.

Identify patterns/clusters in graphs
    by Ross Richardson
    based on the paper, "Weighted Laplacians and the Sigma function of a graph"
    by Fan Chung and Ross Richardson.

A simulation applet for power law graphs
    by Lincoln Lu

Drawing graphs

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