Environmental and Related Problems

Pesticide Residues
 100  strawberries        
  80 cherries (U.S.) [imported 30]  
  70  cantaloupe (Mex.) [U.S. 45]  apples  
  60  grapes (Chile) [U.S. 20]  apricots
  55  blackberries  pears  raspberries    
  50  watermelon  nectarines; peaches  spinach*  
  45  cantaloupe (U.S.)  [Mex. 70]  ]grapefruit  honeydew
  40  bell pepper*  pineapple      
  35  squash, all        
  30   cherries (imprt.) [U.S. 80]  
  25  asparagus  blueberries  green beans  celery  tomatoes
  20  grapes (U.S.) [Chile 60]  bananas  
  kiwifruit  plums
  15  broccoli  cabbage  green peas  carrots  
  10  brussels sprouts  sweet potatoes      
   5  avocados  cauliflower  onions, scallions  corn  
Environmental Working Group (NAH 6/97 p.7).  Highest level (strawberries) assigned a value of 100.
Both amount and toxicity were considered.
*Another table due to the Environmental Working Group rated bell peppers and spinach with cherries (80).