Eva Belmont

UC San Diego
Department of Mathematics
Office: AP&M 6432
Email:   ebelmont at ucsd dot edu

I am an S. E. Warschawski Assistant Professor at UC San Diego. My main research interests are in stable homotopy theory. Previously, I was a Boas Assistant Professor at Northwestern University. I completed my doctoral work at MIT in 2018 under the supervision of Haynes Miller.


My current research focuses on computational aspects of classical, motivic, and equivariant stable homotopy theory.

Research talks


I am currently teaching Math 142A, Introduction to Analysis I in Fall 2021 at UCSD. Click here for the current course website.

At Northwestern, I have been an instructor for the following courses.

Expository Writing


Class Notes

As a student, I live-TeXed many classes and seminars. Some of the notes can be found here.

Undergraduate research