Principles of Statistical Analysis

Principles of Statistical Analysis

This textbook introduces some essential concepts that I would want a student graduating with a bachelor's or master's degree in statistics to have been exposed to, even if only in passing. In particular, it shows the power of combining statistical theory with simulation and, more generally, computation.

The textbook is published as a volume in the Institute of Mathematical Statistics Textbooks series by Cambridge University Press. It is available directly from the publisher and from Amazon.

R notebook

The textbook has a companion R notebook. This simple notebook is only meant to illustrate concepts and tools introduced in the textbook, and also to serve as an entry point to the practice of data analysis using R. It is not meant to stand on its own. (Some basic familiarity with R is assumed.)

Free version

A slightly different free prepublication version of the textbook is available in ebook format, together with its own companion R notebook.

This version is free to view and download for personal use only. Not for re-distribution, re-sale, or use in derivative works.