Math 206 - Topics in Algebraic Geometry

Welcome to Math 206!

Instructor: Dragos Oprea, doprea "at"

Lectures: MW 10:00-11:20, APM 5402

Course description:

We will construct and study different parameter spaces of sheaves. Time permitting, the topics could include the Quot scheme, GIT, the moduli of vector bundles over curves and others.

Office hours: I am available for questions after lecture or by appointment.


I will make an attempt to be as self-contained as the topic permits. However, I will assume working knowledge of algebraic geometry at least at the level of Math 203.

The course is intended for graduate students in algebraic geometry, though everybody with the right prerequisites is welcome.
Remote instruction:
All instruction is required to be fully remote during weeks 1-4. Lectures will be given via zoom. The link can be found in Canvas.
We will return to in-person lectures on February 2.
Textbook: None.

Important dates:

Lecture Summaries