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David Lenz

Office: AP&M 2210
Mailing address:
    Department of Mathematics
    University of California San Diego
    9500 Gilman Drive #0112
    La Jolla, CA 92039-0112

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I am a fifth-year graduate student studying numerical methods for PDEs in the context of high-performance computing. My advisor is Randy Bank.

My doctoral work is motivated by the need for robust parallel-in-time PDE solvers which can leverage the massive levels of computational parallelism in modern computing platforms. I focus primarily on space-time finite element methods, a discretization paradigm in which time is treated as a spatial variable and the PDE is solved throughout the full space-time domain simultaneously.

I am a member of the High-Performance GeoComputing Lab at the San Diego Supercomputer Center, where I help improve and maintain petascale solvers for seismic wave equations. I also work on the approximation of large scientific data sets by continuous models in collaboration with Tom Peterka of Argonne National Lab, who introduced me to the problem.


I am teaching Math 3C: Precalculus during the Fall 2019 quarter. All information about this course is on the course webpage.

A full list of my past teaching experience can be found here.