Math 187 HOT List

Here is a short list of interesting cryptography web links to learn more about cryptography. If you find other web pages that you like that you think should be added to this list please e-mail them to The number of cryptography related sites seems to double every year, this list is only a starting point that hopefully contains a couple of sites with more complete lists of links.  Another problem we found is that these links disappear every so often.  If you notice some missing, please let us know.  This list is not actively maintained since our course happens once a year.  We will try to backup some of the pages that are not in stable locations.

Cryptography FAQ
RSA Cryptography FAQ
PGP FAQ- mini overview

Reference pages

NOVA program- Decoding Nazi Secrets
Beginner's Guide to Cryptography
A-Z Cryptology! - Over 45 different fun codes, ciphers, and concealment message methodologies
Beginners Cryptography Page
Cryptology - An overview
Introduction to Cryptography
Cryptography: The study of encryption - A list of web links
Cryptolog - Excellent list of internet references
Why cryptography is harder than it looks - a short html article

Algorithms & programs

Cryptographic Algorithms
North American Cryptography Archives
Fenced DES


Ritter's Crypto bookshop - A nice bibliography of crytptography

Quantum computing

It is likely that quantum computing will be the next revolution in computer science and the effect on cryptography will be earth shattering due to Shor's algorithm.  This is a new field and a lot of ground needs to be broken before the first quantum computer can be built, but more and more people are begining to work on it.  Watch the internet as quantum computing companies spring up all over the world...
Press release of MIT research on quantum computers - August 12 ,1999
Quantum Computers - A short summary written by Daniel Gottesman
Quantum Computing and Shor's Algorithm - An html article
Quantum Computing with Molecules - Scientific American Article
Stanford, Berkeley, MIT, IBM Quantum computing project - Somebody's got to do it
Dabacon's Quantum Computing Stage - A good start on internet references
Quantum Information at Los Alamos National Laboratory - Some tutorials on quantum stuff in general
IBM's Quantum Info Page - It lacks a lot of references, but talks about a Quantum teleportation project
Laboratory for Theoretical and Quantum Computing - Université de Montréal

Buisnesses & Associations

Bokler Software's Cryptographic Resources Page
Quadralay Corporation Cryptography Archive - very useful set of links
RSA's Home Page
Cryptogaphy Research, Inc.
SSH - Check out their Tech Corner for resources
International Association for Cryptologic Research

General- Cryptograms

Games for this class
Cryptogram Corner - Cryptograms, plus links to more
Cypherspace- A Javascript puzzler

E-text sources

Project Gutenberg Site- In need of some e-text?

People associated with Math 187 at UCSD

Professor Adriano Garsia
David Little
Mike Zabrocki

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