Lecture Instructor Time (MWF) Room
A00 Ming Zhang 10:00a-10:50a PCYNH 109
B00 Alireza Golsefidy 9:00a-9:50a JEANN AUD
C00 Muzhi Jin 2:00p-2:50p CENTR 101

For lecture specfic information, such as instructor and TA information, visit the Canvas page for your lecture.

To avoid spreading covid at least a portion of this course will be given remotely. You can find the needed Zoom information in the Canvas page of your course.

Important: We will be using Achieve for various assignments including weekly homework. You have to register for Achieve. The needed information on how to register and access Achieve through Canvas can be found here.

General information


The required textbook for the course is

Calculus Early Transcendentals: Multivariable with Achieve, 4th edition,

by Jon Rogawski, Colin Adams, and Robert Franzosa. You can access the E-book through Achieve.

We will cover most of the materials in chapters 11-15.


There are four types of assignments that you can access through Achieve (and Canvas):

Exam Information

To avoid spreading covid, we deviate from the initial plan of having two in-person "midterms". Instead there are 4 online quizzes. We still plan to have an in-person final exam, but this might change depending on the state of the pandemic at that time.

For quizzes, you will be given exactly 40 minutes to complete in Canvas and you can start your exam any time between 8a-8p on the given date. There will be no makeup exams, but we will drop the lowest quiz score.

A few general policies for the exams:


Weighted Score. If the final exam is given in-person, your weighted score is the best of

If the final exam is given online, your weighted score is the best of

Possible Bonus. Because your feedback is very important for us, if more than 90% of the students fill out the CAPE questioner at the end of the quarter, all the students get one additional point towards their weighted score.

Discussion Session Attendence. If you do not attend at least 6 of 10 discussion sessions, you do not get any points for that portion of your weighted score.

Homework. The HW assignments are due on Sundays at 11:59p. Late submission: Note that for each HW assignment, late submissions are automatically enabled for 4 days after the original due date. There is a 5% cumulative penalty per day.

Letter grade. Your letter grade is determined based on your weighted score using the best of the following methods:

Regrade. You will be able to see the score of your final exam in Gradescope. After that, there will be a limited window of time during which the regrade request feature will be active. Please notice that the regrade request window is brief. Make sure that you make the regrade request during the allowed time if you want to make such a request. Please understand that while we will correct errors in the grading, we will not modify thegrading rubric or negotiate over partial credit after graded papers are returned to students.

General advice

Here are a few general comments that hopefully help you have a more successful education here in UCSD.


Here is the google calendar of the course.

This syllabus is subject to change during the quarter due to unforseen circumstances.